Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paint Me HAPPY!!!!!!

Well first off, it is 66 degrees here today with no wind. Woo Hoo.

Second, the trees are budding out so that means that Spring is coming sooner than later.

Third, the Jayhawks won yesterday. It wasn't pretty but a win nonetheless.

Fourth, beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, smooshy handspun scarf.

I think I am in serious love with this scarf. It makes me super happy that I spun, and knit it. I guess the only bad thing is that the weather probably won't give me much of a chance to wear it for a while but after this winter I am okay with that.


Kay said...

Pretty scarf....I love those colors.

Lisa Kay said...

Hi, Robin,

Lovely scarf. I made a "Noro Striped Scarf," too, but your handspun version is awesome!

Lisa Kay