Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hat 2.0 in Handspun

I seem to be on a little bit of an accessories kick lately. I have knit two hats and a scarf this month. I am also still working on another scarf. This was knit out of my handspun that I dyed with some egg dyes. I will admit that I enjoy knitting with handspun more than commercial yarns these days. I am even wanting to see if I am brave enough to spin enough for a sweater.

For the top I used the decreases used in the Turn a Square hat and I find I like how it looks. I think this will be my decrease of choice for simple hats which is what I usually knit when it comes to hats.


Linda said...

Awesome hat and adorable model.

attison grove said...

Cute! Knit me one, How about in natural, you don't even have to dye it! You are a true knitting machine. Blessings to you.