Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Letter from the Fiber

Dear Blog Reader,

This is me, or at least that is what I looked like when I came to live with this crazy woman.

Sometime in December, she took me out of the stash where I was hanging out with some really cool merino and started doing weird things to me. She kept pulling me and twisting me. I think I should call Fiber Protective Services but I don't have any hands.

Well if twisting me around and around the first time wasn't enough. She did it again. She turned me into yarn. She thinks I look pretty good.

Now I am taking a bath. What is up with you people???? Can't some yarn take a bath without pictures being taken??? Guess not huh? Thank goodness for bubbles or I wouldn't have any privacy at all.

Now that she is done with me, she has moved on. I feel so used. She left me in the sink for this tart. Well I will show her how beautiful I am going to be after I have been sufficently toweled and dried.

English Garden Fiber purchased at the Yarn Barn in Kansas


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Oh, I don't think she's crazy.