Monday, September 15, 2008

S is for


A typical fall Sunday when the husband works, I get up. I make coffee. I drink coffee and chat for a few minutes with my friend Linda and get ready for church. Get the kids ready for church and off we go. We get home around 12:15, there is something great about living in a small town where the church is. Eat lunch.

Then I do a few minor tasks, then I sit, knit and watch football. I am sorry to say that I am not a Vikings fan. My Kansas blood just can't wrap my head around that one. Maybe someday though but don't hold your breath.

This is the pair I finished last weekend as I watched the Chiefs and the Patriots play. Sad to say the Chiefs lost, even though I am not so sad about Tom Brady being done for the year. I feel bad that he was injured I am just glad that I dont' have to listen to every sportscaster tell me how wonderful he is. No offense meant to Patriots or Brady fans.

Yesterday instead of watching football, I couldn't get the Chiefs game and the Colts were losing at the time to the Vikings, I decided to spin for a while. I forget how much I really enjoy it. I started this bobbin.

And I finished this one. I am hoping to get some more spinning time in today between laundry and other household chores.


Rebecca said...

I so agree about having a church so close to home! We used to drive down to Colorado Springs an hour away and it was so hard to get involved with things and, we always had to leave early Sunday morning and get home way past lunchtime. But now our church is about eight minutes down the road and we are able to be very involved :-)

Linda said...

Pretty spinning! I'm going tonight to a group. The new job is so nice - I've got the go to want to go do things in the evening again.

Anonymous said...

your socks are sensational! (sorry I couldn't help myself. but they do look great!) beautiful spinning too, great colors!