Monday, September 01, 2008

Q is for

Quiet voice. That would be the one that I ignored while making this. I should have known that it was going to be too big when I put my arm through the sleeve and it was almost to my elbow and I wasn't even done decreasing the sleeve. I just kept knitting though. Knitters denial we have all heard of it. I did a gauge swatch, I washed the gauge swatch, and I got gauge. Yes they do lie but that is ok. I have since frogged this mess and I plan on reknitting. It will not get the best of me. I am looking forward to reknitting this for some reason even though towards the end I was wondering if I was ever going to finish it.

I think I might have a little chef on my hands. Buddy helped make salsa the other day with me. We started with 60 tomatoes and ended up with 7 pints of salsa, even though one of them is now in the process of being eaten since hubby opened it last night. It is the first batch that the husband says was hot enough. I have been trying for three years to get out of him. Yay me.


Kathy said...

I truly believe that swatches lie! Totally! My knitting gauge is driven by the amount of stress I am feeling at any given time. (You should have seen my knitting when I was working...YIKES!). I swatch, but most of the time it is pointless. That is one reason why I always knit my sleeves two at a time...the only way that I would ever get them to match!

Send your little chef my way. My DH and SIL made salsa this weekend. I would never tell them, but the need assistance from a good little chef! It is pretty bad..... :(

Linda said...

Love it! Finally hot enough. I'm so far behind reading blogs...