Thursday, September 11, 2008

R is for


If you don't want to hear about what is bugging me than this probably isn't the post for you.

The State of Minnesota's drivers license requirements. They need a certified copy of my marriage license for my driver's license. The state of Iowa and the US government agrees that I am married to my husband so why isn't the copy from the church when I got married good enough???????

Stupid drug dealers and people that make illegal drugs out of cold medicine. Due to weird Minnesota law from the drivers license I just have this piece of paper for my ID, it doesn't have a Minnesota ID number therefore I was unable to buy some Advil Cold and Sinus medicine for my husband who was going to use it for the purpose that it was intended. To get over his cold. I think it is great that they are monitoring don't get me wrong. I just hate that it has gotten that it has to be monitored hence the stupid drug dealers that are interrupting my life.

On the annoying side also, why is it when I think I have the laundry and dishes done they are all piled up again. Explain to me how five people make such messes so quickly.

Why do little boys think that spilling water all over the bathroom floor is neat?

Why do little girls think that the world will end if they don't get to wear a hair barrette in their hair????

Why do shirts not iron themselves????

Why do not beds make themselves????

And last but not least, why does the big chain store that I have to go to for groceries have to quit carrying things that I like.

Okay my rant is over now.


trek said...

I can get behind just about everything in today's post. Hope husband is feeling better soon.

PS - And it doesn't stop the big dealers - just the small ones. The big ones go to Mexico or wherever else and buy in bulk.

Linda said...

Sigh. Sorry you're having a poopy. Hang in there!

Kathy said...

And I hope next we will see: "S is for Smiling" and that you do! :)