Monday, February 11, 2008

Just the Stole Again

I still haven't been doing much sock knitting. I worked a little on the January pattern from Sockamania but just haven't been motivated to get very far on it. I keep telling myself that I will really like these socks if I finish them but I just can't seem to get into them. I am also trying to knit myself a pair of Monkeys but no progress there yet either. I am hoping the sock mojo will come back.

Or maybe it has been bought out by the lace knitting mojo. I am really enjoying this stole. This picture is from last week when I finished Clue 3. I am working on Clue 4 now and it seems to be going rather well. I am even learning to "read" my knitting which has helped a tremendous amount.

I am getting to the end of the first hank of the yarn I am using so I am hoping to be able to post a new technique that I have learned.


tonni said...

Learning to "read" your knitting in lace is half the battle. Once you learn to read it, all you want to do is knit lace!! Your secret stole is looking nice!

Guinifer said...

Very pretty dear!