Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Finished Objects

I finished a couple of projects this week.  These are the I Want to Be a Rock Star Socks.  I used Rockstar from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in STR lightweight.  I lost one of the needles when finishing the second sock so I finished the second on using Magic Loop which I discover I kind of like.  I need at least a 40 inch needle for me to enjoy it though.

I also finished my Stripe Study shawl.  I love this.  It is light but cozy at the same time.  I used Cascade Heritage and Southwest Trading Company Tofutsies.  I love the Heritage but not overly fond of the Tofutsies, it splits really bad and is not spun evenly.  Thanks Linda for giving me enough of the Heritage to finish I really appreciate it.

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