Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Shawls on Sunday

 I have been knitting even though my blog posts have been sporadic at best this summer.  I have completed three shawls this year so far and I hope to knit a few more.  

This is the Queen Anne's Lace Shawl by MMario and it is a sample knit for UrbanGpyz.  It took the better part of five months for me to knit and I really like how it turned out.  

This is the Color Affection Shawl, I loved knitting this. I used my handspun.  I think the next one I knit I will do without the yarnovers so it gets the curvy edge.

This is my newest completed shawl.  The pattern is the Calais Shawl by Judy Marples.  I used some handspun alpaca merino silk in Enchanted that was a AllSpunUp spinalong fiber last year.

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Linda said...

Those are gorgeous!