Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Bit of Spinning!

I finally finished the shetland I was spinning. I had planned to knit a Shetland Pi Shawl ( Ravelry Link), but I don't have quite enough yarn.  I ended up with about 986 yards of a light fingering weight yarn.  I think it will still make a beautiful shawl and I might still try to use the pattern I had originally planned on using.  I might be able to take a repeat out or something.

At one point I got a little tired of spinning the shetland so I started this.  I have eight ounces of this Merino/Silk in the Down to Earth colorway.  

This is the first bobbin.  This picture really doesn't do the yarn justice.  I am hoping it will look better when it is plied and in yarn form.

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