Sunday, February 06, 2011

Random Sunday

I had some yarn that I spun from some free stuff I received with a fiber order.  I decided it would make a good Storm Cloud Shawlette.  I know it looks like spaghetti now but I think it will make a great little scarf when I am done.

I live in the land of Kansas State Wildcats.  I have a niece that attends the University of Kansas.  I am also a big Jayhawk basketball fan.  These are my Rock Chalk Jayhawk socks.  I am working on the leg of the second sock.  I am making myself a goal to finish these by Valentine's Day.

I have been doing quite a bit of spinning.  The yarn I finished yesterday will be shown to you at a later date since it is part of a swap I am doing with my friend Mistress Stash Enhancer.  This is some UrbanGypz super wash merino.  It is the same base that I made my socks in from the last post.  It is called Mr. Blinky, I do have to admit that the first two bobbins have been spun for a couple of weeks.  I am about one third of the way into the last bobbin before I will ply it into a three ply for another pair of the world's squooshiest socks.  I can't wait until I am done.  This may be the only thing that prevents me from not making my goal for the Rock Chalk Jayhawk Socks.

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