Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Warm up Winter

You want to know the secret for making winter take a break???
1. Get a hole in your mittens and put off making yourself a pair until one morning when it is super cold you decide to cast on a new pair.
2. Cast on the pair of mittens and work on them on and off for two days.
3.  The mittens are simple so not much stress involved.
4. Finish the mittens and plan to wear them next day.
5. The weather in now around 52 degrees.  NO need for mittens at this point.

Happy Frood Mittens
Started February 10, 2011
Finished February 12, 2011
Needles Size 5 and 7 DPN's
Yarn Hand Spun yarn Fiber from High Prairie Fiber in Happy Frood

I am hoping that the nice weather hangs around since I cast on another pair.


Guinifer said...

The first pair are cute, but I LOVE that green!

Linda said...