Monday, November 24, 2008

Kind of Sad

My favorite pair of pajama pants are just about worn out. They were too big but I love them. They were really baggy just the way pajama pants are supposed to be. I think after the winter is over I will throw them in the trash unless they just can't make it that far.

I have knit more today than all of the whole weekend. I only have one and a half repeats before I start decreasing the toe. I will be glad when they are done so I can focus on the next pair of socks.

Which I happened to cast on this morning. I am not letting this Noro Sock yarn beat me. I think I have finally got a start that I am going to want to finish. More details later if I stick with them.

I have a feeling that this turkey at some point was kind of sad too. Now it is sitting in my refrigerator thawing out for it's big day on Thursday.


Linda said...

Oooh - pretty almost-done socks!

Guinifer said...

Hey! I have those same jammie pants from Old Navy!

They're lookin' pretty shabby too.