Friday, November 14, 2008

Fashionista Friday

I am really enjoying knitting this pair of socks. It is an easy pattern to memorize and I like the different cuff. I have a feeling I will knit this pattern again. It is the Waving Lace pattern from Favorite Socks. I have had a hard time with knitting socks lately. The Noro sock I was knitting I ended up frogging. I have to admit I just don't like toe up socks. I don't like short row heels and I don't like messing with the bind off for the cuff at the end. I would just rather Kitchner the toe together when I am done.

I started a new spinning project yesterday. This is some BFL that I dyed with food coloring. I am hoping that it can be socks of some kind but we shall see. I wanted something "Christmasy" so I think this will work. I am excited to see how it will ply together, but that will be a little ways away. Since I don't spin very fast.

Well, I think I might have a little Fashionista on my hands. Our little Punkinbug looks great in her little hat and coat.


tonni said...

I'm with you there on knitting toe up... i'd much rather have the heel flap, top down. Your hand dyed fiber looks very "Christmasy"!

You definitely have a little fashionista on your hands! LOVE her coat and hat!

Guinifer said...

She is a cutie little Punkin' - isn't she?

Linda said...

Maybe that Noro just needs to be knit up with something else in a scarf or something. It sure doesn't sound like it wants to be socks.

Anonymous said...

awww she looks so sweet! your socks look beautiful so far. Too tell you the truth, I don't like knitting socks from the toe up either! It feels too weird!

Kathy said...

I also enjoyed that pattern, and made several acutually. I envy your spinning....something I want to try "someday".

She is adorable, btw. Just so very precious! Love that smile!