Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am debating about this sock. I am not liking how the heel flap is pulling to one side. I have thought about ripping it out and making a scarf or something with this yarn but then I thought it would be a bear to rip out because this yarn sticks to itself really bad. I am open to suggestions. What would you do?????

At least I have nothing to debate about with the spinning. I am really enjoying it still. I just have to remind myself to get it out and use it. Maybe if I wouldn't have gotten a portable one with a bag I would use it more. I like the fact that I can pack it up into the little bag and keep it away from little fingers. Even though those little finger still get in the side pouch.


Linda said...

I think I'd keep going with the sock.

The spinning looks *great*!

Kathy said...

I would finish the socks - I imagine they will be fine once completed.

I envy the spinning. Something that I think about trying from time to time - but keep putting off till "someday" when I am bored with life. Not sure that will ever happen.