Monday, November 12, 2007

I Made My Goal!!!!

Have you been wondering where I have been? I have been knitting. I made myself a goal last week to get three of my projects completed. I made it. I finished the last one yesterday. It feels so good to get these projects completed.

The first one is a scarf that I made for my sister in law. She is totally awesome. The socks from the last post were originally supposed to be for her but I liked the color way too much to give them away. Sorry Denise, please forgive me. I think she will since I made her an alpaca scarf. This stuff is so soft and squishy I am sure I will make myself one soon. I used two hanks of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in the burgundy color. I almost kept this one for myself again but I decided I would let her have it.

This one I am so happy that it is done. This was a baby blanket made for the Punkinbug's teacher. It was gifted this morning. She said it is so soft. I am really glad that she liked it. She is an amazing teacher and really goes above and beyond for these kids that she works with. I am really glad to give her something like this. The pattern was Sunny Cables and Crowns. I used Caron Simply Soft in the Lemonade color. This stuff is great for little baby blankets. I made it smaller than the pattern recommended because some of them are so big and the baby is so small that it makes them hard to use. I usually make them about the size of a receiving blanket so they are more manageable.

I thought it was time for a new picture of the Marshmallow Thief. I am thinking I need to change his name but I will have to think about it for a while.

What replaced those finished objects???? Stay tuned.


Linda said...

I knew you could do it!

Boy's getting some serious teeth! He hasn't tested them on sisters yet has he?

Kathy in KS said...

Congrats on the FO's. Must be nice. I too also tend to make baby blankets smaller than the normal. If you do your job right, it'll end up being dragged around anyway, right?