Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rules???? What Rules?????

Remember recently when I said that I broke the "Robin Rules"????? Well, those rules have jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. I have not one, not two but THREE pairs of socks in progress right now.

These are the socks that are taking up my time besides recovering from this junk that I think I might finally be getting over.

The purple one has a mate already patiently waiting. The greyish one is in the process of becoming a pair of socks for my husband. The pink ones are for me. I will try to post better pictures of them when the sun comes back out in Minnesota. I have no idea when that will be though.

Happy knitting all.


Rebecca said...

Three socks all at once? Oh my! I wish I ONLY had three projects on the needles right now.

I really enjoy JAG, too. We have the recorder permanently set up to record JAG and watch it all the time!

Hope you feel better soon!

Linda said...

ROFL!! We'll turn you to the dark side yet.



trek said...

Thanks for coming by. I just finished a sock which was among a collection on three pairs in progress. Er, that is, part of a collection of four pairs until last weekend. Then part of the collection of three. Now the collection has only two pairs...

Knitman said...

The answer to your question, is an aran sweater!
You can see it more clearly here: