Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cakes and Yarn

It has been chaotic it seems around here lately. I have been doing some babysitting and it is keeping me busy and tired. That probably explains why I haven't been blogging much. I really don't have a lot to blog about either. I am still working on my socks and I told myself I wouldn't blog about them anymore until they are done. I am decreasing the gusset stitches right now so I hope to be done with them soon. They are looking great so this will give you a reason to check back early next week.

I also got some yarn from the yarn4socks sock club. It was nothing like I expected it to look like but I really like it alot.

Emily and I decided to bake a cake for Brett (my wonderful husband). His birthday was last week but I was under the weather so we made one today. She had lots of fun cracking the eggs and she does really well getting it cracked just right. She also got to stir it up. I am so enjoying having little girls they are so fun to do the "cooking things" with. I hope Ben wants to help too when he gets older.

Take care and happy knitting.


amanda cathleen said...

looks like you have a good helper there! : )

Guinifer said...

What a lovely little baker she is too..

Linda said...

Love the kit. And the baking helper!

Belated Happy Birthday to Brett.