Sunday, March 11, 2007


This little short post is so not knitting related. I am a transplanted Kansan. There are very few people that don't keep track of Kansas Jayhawk basketball, and the ones that don't pay attention just don't know what they are missing LOL. I will admit that I am not a very good watcher of basketball. I get way too nervous when they are playing and if it is not going "our" way I will admit I tend to turn it off because I feel that I jinx them. That sounds really strange I know but that is just how it is. Those Kansas Jayhawks are going to the Big Dance with a NUMBER ONE seed. I hope they do well. Go Jayhawks.

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Linda said...

Blah! (wink)

At least they're in. OU (men) didn't make a tourney at all, and OSU (men) got beat in the first round of the NIT. At HOME no less!