Friday, March 09, 2007

Finished Object, Frogging and Casting On

Well I am so excited that I finished a project that has been hanging out at my house for a VERY long time. I started the Pop Top Mitts (I think last spring or summer), I finished the first one back in October, I think, and I finally cast on the second one last Friday and finished it on Monday. Why did it take me so long to finish this project. It wasn't a difficult knit. I think I just didn't like the idea of having to make those fingers and rejoining the yarn. Why do I make things seem more difficult than they are???? That is something for me to ponder I guess.

The sock from the previous post has drowned in the frog pond. Yes, even after I had turned the heel and almost finished decreasing the gusset, I ripped that sucker out. I just didn't like the way it was turning out. I knew if I finished it the way it was it would probably always be a single sock and that yarn is just too pretty to be an abandoned sock. So I will look for another pattern that does that yarn justice.

Since I was disgusted with said sock, I cast on two new projects this week. I cast on the Branching Out lace scarf from Knitty and I am about done with the fifth repeat. I must remember to always use a lifeline. It sure does make lace knitting more enjoyable. I also cast on a different pair of socks. I had started a pair of Basketweave socks with my Fleece Artist Tiger and I thought that it looked like a bumble bee threw up so I frogged it. I have started on the Thuja pattern from Knitty I just added more stitches to accomodate the smaller weight yarn. They are looking pretty good so far and I am happy with them. I think I will spend some time knitting this weekend and see if I can finish a sock in less than a week.


Linda said...

Yay!! I knew you'd be back. It's that sock yarn obsession kicking in. Just give up. It's unstoppable. Sit back and enjoy the ride. ;)

Starfish said...

This post is all the things I've been meaning to do - mitts, branching out and socks. Not enough time! Thanks for stopping by!

Janice said...

Hmm... bumble bees throwing up.. very descriptive :-) (Isn't that how honey is made??) the scarf looks beautiful.. as do the new socks. I especially love the mitts!! Happy KNitting!