Friday, April 08, 2016

Progress and an Additional Project

Isn't it amazing how easily we get sidetracked. I am making good progress on my goals for the week. I have a finished object, I started the tank that I wanted to just get cast on and I am almost done with the garter section on the bottom before I start the plain knitting in the round.  I started the tank yesterday and I am enjoying the knitting so far.

I had a project that I started a while back that I was super excited about.  I am not sure what happened that it got put away and I didn't finish.  I am making an Orbit shawl out of some of my handspun. The yarn is a Merino Tencel that I spun in a teal color. I am getting close to being done with it.  I am planning on giving it away to someone that went above and beyond her job description to help my daughter.  

The finished object needs a beauty shot before I reveal it. I hope you all are making progress on any projects that you are working on.

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