Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Two Projects for the Year and a Year End Wrap Up

The Mondo Cable Pullover has been done for a few weeks.  I kept meaning to take better pictures of it, but never got around to it.  I am so excited that it fits and turned out well.

This pair of socks had been on the needles for over two months.  I started the striping socks before these were finished but I kept having guilt about these so I hurried up and finished them last week.

These were my goals for this year,

Well, a new year has come upon us so I have made myself some goals.

These are the ten things I want to do this year.

1. Take better care of myself and exercise more.  I did better last year and I want to continue.  I managed to do this, I continued exercising and I feel better for it.

2. Further develop my relationship with God.  I did read my Bible everyday last year and I hope to do that again this year.  (I already read for today). I have stuck with this one pretty well.  

3. Use yarn from my stash.  I used some but could have done better

4. Knit more sweaters.  I am determined to finish the sweater I started in 2010.  I just have the two sleeves, part of the right front, button bands, and collar.  I finished one sweater see above.

5. Project monogamy.  I will try not to have too many projects going so I can finish things in a timely manner.
I did better with this.  I will never be a totally monogamous knitter though.

6. Read 75 books.  I read 52 last year after I started keeping track in June.  I love Goodreads for keeping track.
I read 94 books this year.
7. Blog more. I succeeded with this by two posts more than last year.

8. Spin at least 26 braids with a main goal of 39.  Not really sure how well I did in this category this year.  I know that I didn't spin as much as I did the year before.

9. Run a 5K without stopping to walk at all.  Epic FAIL!!!!!

10. Find joy in everyday.  Remember what is really important and not to worry about things that don't really matter or that I can't control.  Still ongoing, some days it can be difficult at times but there is joy everywhere I just have to choose to find it.

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