Friday, December 23, 2011


I finished my Christmas knitting.  I really don't knit for Christmas but someone asked me to make a pair of socks for her mom for Christmas so I said I would.  Her family does "special" things for Christmas and she thought her mom would LOVE a pair of hand knitted socks.  I thought it was a really sweet thing to do for her mom.

Hermione Everyday Socks
Socks that Rock Lightweight in Rocktober
Needles 1.5 Knit Picks Circulars
Started November 15, 2011
Finished December 18, 2011

I really enjoy knitting with Socks that Rock it is one of my favorite yarns.

I started a couple of new projects yesterday.  I am making the Sockhead hat out of some handspun.  The roving was dyed by Wild Ivy Designs.  I also started a pair of Jeck socks.  I am using Socks that Rock in the River Rock colorway.


Rebecca (socks for mum) said...

I like that yarn, too! How sweet of you to knit a pair of socks for your friend's mother! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Linda said...

That was a really sweet thing to do. Merry Christmas!

Lisa Kay said...

Lovely socks! What a nice thing to do!