Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going To SAFF!!!!

I don't get to go but the socks I knit for UrbanGypz get to go.  They were mailed off yesterday and are now making their way across the United States to get there in time for next weekend.

The blue, green, brown pair is the Harvest Dew Pattern done in UrbanGypz Merino,Cashmere,Nylon blend. I knit them on 1.5 US needles.  The color was is Aqua Mod.  This yarn is so super soft and squishy and I really enjoyed knitting with it.

The blue, orange, rust, yellow pair is the Petunia Dursley Double Eyelet socks knit in the Superwash Merino blend..  I also knit them on 1.5 US needles.   The color was So Ready for Autumn. I loved the colors and they made me happy when I was knitting them.

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Linda said...

I feel silly, but what's SAFF?