Monday, May 23, 2011

One of these Days I Will Learn......

NEVER to make knitting plans.  I had this great plan to knit a mile of yarn and spin a mile of yarn.  My spinning might make it but I think the knitting is a no go.  Maybe I should just shoot for a mile total.

I finished my Forest Canopy Shawl on May 11, 2011 and finally got around to blocking it yesterday.  I love love love this pattern.  I am already spinning yarn to make another one.

Forest Canopy Shawl 
Needles Size 8 Knit Picks Options Circulars
Started April 30, 2011
Finished  May 11, 2011
Yarn AllSpunUp SAL fiber for October/November 85/15 BFL/Silk in the Rustic colorway
366 Yards

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous! great job, never hurts to have goals and adjust as needed!