Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cables Galore

I seem to be on a cable kick right now.  I started the Habitat hat yesterday.  I am using Wicked Stitch Cauldron Dyed from the Wicked Stitch.  This yarn has a lot of sproing I think.

I have been working on my Twist sweater a little here and there.  I have finished the decreases for the arms.  I just need to finish the back and start on the two fronts.  I would really like to finish this sweater before it gets hot so I have a few months.


Guinifer said...

I am impressed by your cableage!

Melissa McKee said...

Love that hat. Really like the color.
Robyn you are going to make me get some of it next week for something.

shizzknits said...

Ohhhh I love cables! Your projects look great so far..