Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Sweater and a New Obsession

I am plugging away on the sweater for the Punkinbug. I just have the two sleeves left to do. I have already done the neck edging. It isn't perfect but it doesn't look bad enough to rip it out and do it over.

I finally cast on that sock yarn that I have been looking at for about two weeks now. I am doing the Sunday Swing pattern from Knitty. This pattern is super easy and it goes really fast. I am on the heel flap of the first sock. I would be farther along but I have been working on the sweater too.

Speaking of Knitty I am so wanting to make this pattern. I am thinking my Strawberry Shortcake that I spun might be good for them.


Anonymous said...

love the bright fun color your using for your pumpkin bugs sweater! Looks like you also found a good pattern match for your beautiful handspun. The sock pattern from knitting looks like it would work wonderfully. And love your finished mitts!

Anonymous said...

wonderful ..................................................