Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Much Blogging

But there has been quite a bit of knitting happening.

I seemed to get on a finishing kick this month which was pretty good. I finished these socks today. They have been on the needles since August 22, 2009. I am so glad that these are done. I discovered while knitting these that working with black yarn makes my eyes tired. I don't see a lot of knitting with black yarn in my future.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than knitting with my handspun yarn. I have been on a scarf/cowl kick lately. I have knit two scarves and one cowl from handspun since the beginning of September. Unfortunately I don't have any handspun at the moment that is begging to be a scarf so it might be a while before I will make another. I started this at the end of October and finished it a little over a week ago.

I have another finished object to share, but I will save it for my next post.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you for knitting and finishing your black socks! Its hard to work with such a dark color. I just finished a pair of fingerless mitts for myself out of my own handspun, its so awesome to work with! Love your scarf/cowl you got there too