Monday, September 07, 2009

Just the Beginning

I have lots to post about but don't have time for the epic that this post would be if I did do the whole post. So this is the first of probably many posts to come. I decided to do the Sockknitters Anonymous September Mystery Knit A Long. It is a pattern by Nancy Bush and we were supposed to use yellow yarn. This is the two cuffs of the pattern. I am anxiously waiting for the next clue which should be out late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

I am using Shibui Knits socks in the Jonquil colorway. I find this yarn to be a little splitty but it just might be because of the needles I am using. I am using size 1 Knit Picks Options.

I have already learned a new stitch which is exciting for me. I even got it right on the first try. I am excited to see what comes next.


Sigrun said...

That mystery sock should be fun to make. I hope I like the rest of it as much as I liked the first clue. Can't wait till tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

mystery socks are so much fun! Lovely yellow you picked out. LOVE socks from your previous post!!