Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Technique Tuesday!!!

Okay, a pretty lame excuse for a blog title but it works today. I might actually learn a new technique once a month and then post the one that I learned. Who knows I am always looking for something to blog about.

Now all you lace knitters, what are you waiting for???? Get over there and sign up to do the Secret of the Stole ii. I am so excited about this project and I am not really sure why. I know I really enjoyed knitting the swatch for it and I didn't want the swatch to end but it did. I think it turned out pretty good too.

Are you still wondering why she was talking about a new technique??? I learned to do the sewn bind off for the swatch. It really looked neat. I will use it again on baby blankets that have garter stitch borders too.

I had some questions about what kind of yarn I was using for the socks that were in the last post so the answer is: Lorna's Laces in the Flamingo Colorway. A portion of the sale of that yarn goes to breast cancer research I believe. I will admit I bought it because I thought it was pretty like so many of you did too. Oh, and by the way I beat the sock into submission and have picked up the gusset and I am in the process of the gusset decreases as I type.

Supper is in the crockpot (Beef Stew), the laundry is done so I should get to knit tonight hopefully.


Linda said...

Love the swatch...just over a week to go!

Glad you got the sock figured out. And the sewn bind off? I use it for toe up socks lots of times because it works great and is stretchy without flaring. It's really good for lots of things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying the name of that sock yarn. I lived in FL long enough to fully appreciate the flamingo. Especially those plastic ones out on the lawn. Didn't hit me at the time, but that's a perfect name for the color. You know why flamingo's are pink don't you? Hint...it has to do with what they eat...

Anonymous said...

very pretty swatch! and Yay for learning a new technique! : )