Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Have Been Tagged

Tabitha tagged me so here goes.

7 Random Facts about me

1. None of my children are born in the same state.

2. I met my husband in a grocery store.

3. We enjoy going to zoos on vacation.

4. I do the majority of the lawn mowing during the summer.

5. I love reruns of JAG. I am purchasing the seasons on DVD as they come out.

6. I am one of six kids.

7. My best girl friend is my sister in law. My brother did really well.

I am a stick in the mud so I am not going to pass this on but if you want to do go for it and consider yourself tagged.

Happy knitting.


amanda cathleen said...

that is too cool that you've meet your hubby in the grocery store!!

Guinifer said...

Oops. I got tagged too, guess that's tomorrow's post! You got lucky in SIL's then, I wished mine lived closer.

Janice said...

Interesting place to meet your husband :-) How wonderful to have a SIL that is a good friend as well!!

Ilix said...

LOL I was tagged twice! So I was a good sport and posted two lists, but I didn't pass it on twice! LOL
Thanks for sharing!

Janice said...

Yep! I definitely think you need to do a meme about Gizmo :-)